The Ins and Outs of Outdoor Kitchen Design – A Dream Project

The Ins and Outs of Outdoor Kitchen Design – A Dream Project



A multi-element series to provide you with outdoor kitchen layout idea and guidelines.


Part 1 – Do you dream of getting an out of doors kitchen? Take a quick quiz that will help you reach your out of doors kitchen dreams.


The latest popularity of outdoor kitchens is anticipated to preserve being a hot fashion. Not simplest is the hotter southern climates providing a rise in outdoor kitchen growth, but the less warm northern climates are too. They provide a terrific return on investment (ROI) has to make a decision to promote your home and in addition they provide you with a fun and purposeful outdoor dwelling space.


When it involves creating your outside kitchen, the possibilities are endless! It can be large or small…From a simple “transportable” or modular unit, i.E., a grill with countertop space on both aspect to a grand custom-designed, absolutely useful outdoor kitchen/dwelling space whole with grill(s), refrigerators, freezers, sinks, counters, and masses and lots of storage space. They may be designed near pools, on patios, within gardens, or almost anywhere which you prefer to have an enjoyable outdoor living area.


As you may see, even as they may appear like a luxury, there without a doubt are no set guidelines for outlining an area as an outside kitchen. With a little creativeness and beneficial assets and layout recommendations inclusive of this, you’ll locate that no matter what kind you could fancy, it is positive to turn out to be an imperative region in your circle of relatives and your pals to collect whilst taking part in the exceptional outdoors.

Following is a brief and a laugh questionnaire that will help you begin figuring out your outdoor kitchen design desires. The solutions to those questions will help provide you with a brief introduction to outdoor kitchen options custom designed in your desires and necessities. Have fun and recollect there are not any proper or incorrect answers!


To entice the questionnaire, examine the subsequent five questions and choose the only option which most carefully describes your outdoor dwelling area and its typical function and reason:


  1. Where are you placed?


  1. In a completely cold weather with long, harsh winters and pretty moderate summers (including Alaska, and top North American states, and so on.)


  1. In a moderate weather with common rainfall and heat sunny days, and coffee or limited blizzard (which include mid-Atlantic areas, etc)


  1. In a heat, ordinarily sunny and dry southern climate (observe: little rainfall, low humidity, temperate climate during the 12 months – including Arizona, and so forth)


  1. In a tropical, hot and humid southern weather (observe: tropical storms or heavy rainfall, high humidity, and temperature are common – including coastal areas, South Florida, and so on)
  2. Generally, which fine describes how you plan on the use of your out of doors kitchen?


  1. Informally – especially for small gatherings of own family and buddies (about five-10 humans).


  1. Special Occasions – birthdays, anniversaries, and many others. (up to twenty-five human beings).


  1. Extra Large Gatherings – circle of relatives reunions, large events, and so forth (extra than 25 humans).


  1. All of the above


three. How often do you plan on using your out of doors kitchen?


  1. Only for unique occasions or gatherings, i.E., sometimes according to year.


  1. Several instances a month.


  1. One or instances per week.


  1. All the time (3 or greater times a week).


  1. How a whole lot outdoor area do you have got available in your outside kitchen?


  1. The very little area to deal with a lot greater than a grill with some limited counter space and possibly a few seating.


  1. A moderate amount – my perfect outdoor kitchen should comprise a grill, a sink, some garage cabinets, counter area, and a small seating region.


  1. A large amount – I can accommodate a grill, a sink, storage and prep regions, counter area, a larger seating location for a bigger wide variety of visitors, and some other additional objects I may desire to have which include a fridge, waste receptacle, pizza oven, and many others.

Mostly B’s – 35 factors – 50 points: If you spoke back with primarily B’s, you spot your self as utilizing your outdoor space on an as a substitute frequent foundation and would really like some additional amenities. Depending on your anticipated finances, this may consist of either a basic single “wall or line” creation or the bigger and popular L-shaped kitchen layout. Your choice of material can also be Starboard, PVC, and/or Wood.


Mostly C’s – 55 factors – seventy-five points: If you fall within this category, you’re actually on the road to having a completely well idea-out and punctiliously deliberate outside living area that is both functional and exciting. An extensive range of alternatives is available to you in terms of kitchen design and format, as well as shape and feature, with a lot of extra services. Always dreamed of getting an out of doors pizza oven or perhaps a nice fireplace pit or maybe a fire? No problem! You are genuinely following a course to fulfillment in planning your outdoor living space which can offer you years of outside living amusement using a diffusion of material alternatives such as Starboard, PVC, or Wood.


Mostly D’s – 80 points or extra: Congratulations! The sky is the limit for you! You have many layout alternatives available and can even wish to take into account an extra custom-designed area and using a clothier focusing on outside kitchens that will help you in your decision-making method. Your cloth selections and layout options are countless in finishing the out of doors kitchen of your dreams in a preference of substances featuring Starboard, PVC, and/or Wood.


It is was hoping that you have enjoyed this quick and concept-scary questionnaire that will help you alongside your path in designing your dream out of doors kitchen space. The next article on this series will take this questionnaire a step similarly in terms of really nailing down a number of the greater detailed space planning elements of your out of doors kitchen task including kitchen shape, region, water availability, and so on. This is sure to be an equally informative and exciting article

Beth Wallace is an energetic employee of Veranda Outdoor, a division of Architectural Details and Woodworking, Inc. Located in West Palm Beach, Florida, Veranda Outdoor is happy to convey a new and revolutionary outside cupboard line to southern Florida. The concept is straightforward: create a line of outside shelves which are durable, lower priced and assured to bring years of outside living amusement. Veranda Outdoor Kitchens is our first out of doors product line. Offering 3 one of a kind outside cupboard cloth options (i.E., Starboard, PVC, and Wood) in a full range of cupboard sizes and brands, Veranda Outdoor is certain to fulfill all of your out of doors kitchen desires.











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